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I’ve been tagged by xfuera9946 here

Thanks my curious bitch <3

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1. Did you ever cry about a MotoGP/F1 race? If yes, why?
    Nop, I’m not a crybaby, how people (cough cough Stefan?) seem to think! :P Just kidding, I just tend to stare and clap my hands like a retarded seal or be grumpy forever rather than happy or sad crying.

2. Favourite movie of all time?
    Uggggggh I don’t know! I love Pearl Harbor, but there are many films I’d watch over and over again!

3. A song which describes you most?
    Oh this is interesting… The Rest Of Us, by Simple Plan is on the right way.

4. Tumblr or Twitter?
    Errrrr Twitter *hides in a corner*

5. If you could choose: Would you rather take a rider/driver or a bike/car?
    Ehm… I’d say I’d love to ride a rider but not sure whether it’s appropriate??? :P

6. Cats or dogs?
    Dogz even if I’m (unwillingly) hosting a trio of newborn kittens on my balcony atm…

7. Which languages can you speak fluent?
    Italian, English, Sarcasm, Double Entendre (see question 5), Profanities.

8. Best place you’ve visited?
    I don’t remember the name, it’s a place near my town with a little waterfall, meadows and woods, just amazing!    

9. Favourite actor?
    I’m not a big movie junkie soooo I can’t really say. I like Nicolas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, to name a couple.

10. Your number if you were a rider/driver?
    31. No I have never allowed Ajo junior to use it, spoilt kid.

11. Brown or blue eyes?
    Green :D

Here are my 11 questions:

1. What was the most unexpected surprise of your life?

2. If you could choose one MotoGP race in your country or abroad to go to, which one would you choose? And why?

3. If you could choose one concert of any singer/musician/band (active or not, alive or dead) to go to, which one would you choose and why?

4. What incredibly expensive thing would you buy/do if you had the chance?

5. Back to racing again, who is your favourite rider in MotoGP AND in any other two-wheeled sport (Moto2 and Moto3 are included in the latter) and why?

6. Bikes related again: What is the biggest emotion a rider has given you (we wanna know who the golden boy/girl is too)?

7. Dark or white chocolate? (Milk choco is not a possibility!!!) And if you want: why?

8. Camel or dromedary? (Red panda is not a possibility!!!) And if you want: why?

9. Would you rather be the victim or the persecutor?

10. If you were a rider and could virtually choose any team and class, which team and category would you ride in?

11. Which retired rider of any era would you bring back to the track if you could?

My tagged people:

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  4. Martina (sorry I don’t remember her tumblr url ç_ç)
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